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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Owww I very excited .
This month is Ramdhan .
Today is my first day to fasting .
I hope I'll can be a people who can patient, can withstand the emotions.
I'm not expected Ramadan is the month it now .
I've terawih last night . I've sahur with my fam, and so on. I excited :D hbu?
And august wish is Alief's month, Zella's month, and Joddy month. They are born in this month.


And the last day -1 day before Ramadhan, me and my friends go to Vigor to play and watch futsal match.
Hhaha I'll never get the bored.

And Zella, petty, zia, viani played futsal to beside the boys -___-

And I get holiday just 3 days. u,u
No more, I'll exit.
thanks.. haha d(^o^)b

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