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Friday, April 8, 2011

Swiming 8B at Oevang Oeray \(ˇ▽ˇ)/

At Thursay, 7th of April I go to Oevang Oeray (swiming pool) together with Abi, Adi, Alief, Alfredo, Dimas, Gilang, Joddy, Faiq, Ridho, Verdi, Petty, Eky, Trai, Zaiv, Zia, & Ommie (not visited, but I was surprised with ommie, we did not take he to oevang Oeray, but he appeared there. Ommie is not from 8B, but its okay, so funny) .

My school holidays for 1 week. Me and my friends agree on holiday to oevang Oeray to swiming together in there. We are very pleased. We play slide, tug of war, and more. Too many friends who are not good at swimming. so we played in a small pond depth 0.8meters. hihihi. We gathered there from 7am until 11am . Here are photos of our successful capture. hahaha ..

(me in the mid of two boys, I've purple T-Shirt)

Expressions together

Oh yeaahh...

My favorite moment was when my friend drove with friends in a blue colored slide.

(if you are my friend on facebook, you can see more photos in my album  Swiming 8B)

A nice vacation. But we have a lot of homework. So, we must not relax for too long. Just Remember To April :')

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