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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Supermoon its amazing !

This is photos of supermoon in various country. I'm taking these photos from various sources. Supermoon is a rare phenomenon that occurs every 18 years. Supermoon in satnight, 19th of March on 2011.

Supermoon at Natsepa beach in Ambon (Indonesia)

Supermoon in St Michael's Tower at Glastonbury Tor, Somerset

 Supermoon in Berlin (Germany)

Supermoon in London

Supermoon in England

Supermoon in Manila, Philipina

but sudenly, I can not see supermoon directly, because the timing of supermoon is at 2pm . I am afraid to leave home alone . :'(

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  1. Aduuuuh foto2nya kereeen jepret sendiri ya? Hehe..

  2. gak kok :)
    dpat dri temen dan brbagai sumber deh pkoknya :)

  3. you are hawe