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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Teamwork @Zella's house

Hey blogrunners, 
I want to share about my group to make a wall magazine  .
We Make a wall magazine on Sunday (30 JAN)  from 10am until 4pm . In zella's house .
Very funny . :D

We are the extraordinary teamwork :D

buying a burger and a juice ... nyummy :D

writing ...

Uhh a nice day :))
we drive a bicycle , motorcycle .
we buying a juice and burger together on the road .
we watch youtube together .
and also working make a wall magazine together .

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  1. Mading tuh wall magazine dek..
    edit lah post nye :P* kalo mao lah*

  2. wee name gak ABB (Ank Baru Bilingual) wkakakakakakk :P
    oke deh kak . tengkyu :D
    maklum kan dak pkai google translate atau sejenisnya :P